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This is the official website of Caldecott Award-winning childrens book author and illustrator Simms Taback.

Come on in and join us to explore Simms’ amazing body of work, including dozens of award-winning chidren’s books, Simms Taback signed limited edition posters, videos about Simms and animated versions of his children’s books, and books, books and more books, including:

  1. Joseph Had a Little Overcoat (Caldecott Award)

  2. There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly (Caldecott Honor)

  3. Where is My Friend?

  4. This is the House that Jack Built

  5. Kibbitzers and Fools

  6. and

  7. Simms’ newest book Postcards from Camp

Enjoy learning about Simms through interviews, magazine articles and a biography of his life.

Simms Taback’s work endures as one of the legendary artists  and writers working in children’s books, and his work will continue to thrill, amuse and educate young readers for generations to come.


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